MultiPrint has 9 web printing presses, meeting the requirements of our customers for the printing everything from newspapers to luxury and high circulation magazines, brochures, books and all kinds of various advertising products.

In the beginning of 2011 MultiPrint introduced Komori System 38 - Heat Set Web Offset machine to increase the possibilities for web printing. HSWO is web offset printing, also known as Commercial Printing, where the heat drying is performed mainly by evaporation in special furnaces, dryers with natural gas. Nowadays this type of web offset printing plays a dominant role in the printing of luxury magazines, catalogues, advertising flyers, full color newspaper supplements; posters, etc., where publishers and advertisers have placed demands for higher quality and lower costs .

This type of technology is suitable for a quantities of over 20 000 copies. HSWO-printing industry becomes an ever more important part of  the graphics industry in general, presenting different products and services in an optimal and attractive manner. This has been evidenced by the increasing of high-quality magazines and catalogues on the market. This technology is known from its saying "more ideas for work," which confirms its great possibilities. It has already successfully been used for printing of packages and labels to meet the high standards of the modern day marketing function of the packaging.

MultiPrint owns a web offset printing press Wifag.

The total capacity of this press is 30 000 newspapers per hour. The paper weight can vary between 40 - 80 gr/m2.

Depending on the configuration and number of  pages in full color, the machine can handle sections from 16 to 40 pages A3 or 32 to 80 pages A4.

Reel width - 840 mm;

Colors - 1 +1, 2 +1, 4 +1, 4 +2, 4 +4,

Basic formats:
           * A3 - 31.5 x 42 cm
           * A4 - 21 x 31.5cm.
Currently we are printing  over 20 newspapers with different issue times, including "19 minutes";”Pensioners”, “Women`s world’; “Newspaper for the garden; " Everything for everyone "; " Horoscope ", and many others

MultiPrint has a high-productive web presses Ultraset Junior 

MultiPrint owns 5 of these presses, complete with sheet delivery and folding units, and from 2 to 4 print units 1+0, 1+1, 2+2, 4+0, and numbering. Maximum width of the reel is 62 cm with an option to print 2 reels. Delivery may be in sheets in size 62 x 44,2, folded to A5, folded to A4, or folded to 2 x A5.

They are suitable for printing of business forms, letterheads, books, folders and notebooks.