How can I send my files?
Job files can be written on all common information carriers, such as USB flash, CD or DVD. For your convenience, you are welcome to use our FTP server by creating a new directory with your name using the following login data. 

We recommend that all the files uploaded to the FTP are archived as a *. zip or *. rar, file. That will protect them from possible problems occurring during the upload.


Possible file formats: Composite PS / PRN, Composite PDF 1.4-1.5, EPS or TIF.
An obligatory condition is the files which are submitted to comply with the standards of printing: Used colour space is CMYK or CMYK with additional (SPOT) colours, and it must be explicit mentioned in terms of reference and product calculation / and GRAYSCALE for monochrome publications. Resolution of screen images should be consistent with the offset printing   requirements   - 200 Dpi. at least
EPS - fonts must be converted into curves.
PDF - To make a PDF conforming to standard requirements for offset printing can be used in High Quality Print. Job options Adobe Acrobat Distiller or ask for our *. joboptions after refinement of the version of Acrobat Distiller.
Physical size of the file must be conforming the size of the order.
It is recommended, although modern RIP has support for special effects used in the design, to make the objects or images as simple as possible. For example: if text (vector) is placed between 2 or more transparencies please alter the transparencies into a tiff file. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to get in contact with your account manager. 
Requirements for putting the files into imposition

The files should not contain crop or register marks or any other kind of service marks. They will be replaced with new ones while putting the pages on imposition.
File sizes must be like the physical size of the finished product plus the technological required additional space for cutting (bleeding) of your product (standard 3-5mm). If you lack technical knowledge, please consult our sales managers about the actual sizes. For publications with more than 1 page, the file should contain all pages of the product, or a separate file for each and every page. Do not forget the empty (blank) pages.
Black texts must be in BLACK color only. (not CMYK)


Overprint Black is a standard. We use Elliptical raster and resolution consistent with the print media and achievable print quality. Additional specific requirements can be added after the acceptance of the order.