Having in mind open European markets and increasing demands of quality of the finished products, we in MultiPrint offer our clients great flexibility in choosing the finishing solutions for the production of books, quality of materials used and the overall product. MultiPrint manages to meet high quality standards, fully incorporated with optimization of production.
Here we present a description of the cover types that MultiPrint produces and technological requirements for each one.

Thermo-gluing/ Perfect Binding / Paperback

–ĘThis type of hotmelt binding is suitable for novels, or reference books. Cover can be printed on either two-side coated boards (over 250 gsm) or on one-side coated board  (the so-called packaging boards).

Recommended for this type of gluing is that the body is printed on uncoated paper. Maximum book block thickness is 45 mm.

Perfect binding of coated papers

Here we can offer you standard hotmelt gluing of coated paper or PUR (Poly Urethane Reactive) gluing. PUR gluing occupies a leading position in the production of magazines and books printed on coated paper. It lasts longer than the hotmelt glue and allows flexibility in opening of the issues because of its additional strength.

Perfect binding and thread sewing

Thread-sewing the body gives extra strength to the book.

Perfect Binding of soft cover  with flaps

This type of binding can be made as a standard perfect binding but the book body has to be thread sewn in advance.

Hard cover

MultiPrint offers numerous options for the production of hard-cover books. We can produce both hard cover with a straight spine, and classical hard cover with rounded spine.

For the cover You can choose from the wide variety of ready-made materials from leading European companies specialized in production of vinyl papers and so-called  Linen Clothes. In the work with foils for the production of gold, silver, holographic or color embossing, we always choose the best materials for best results.

To achieve impressive results, you can design your own printed cover and by adding different finishing coatings we can give the book an exceptional appearance.

MultiPrint has a very rich collection of samples, catalogues and materials. To make Your book outstanding and original, You can visit us and our account managers will offer the best solution.