Luxury or mass market - we can print and deliver even your boldest projects.


    Graphics, size and structure - every product needs attention to detail in order for the package to be a perfect match.


    Simultaneous cutting, perforation, embossing and creasing in sizes up to 70cm by 100 cm for all box types.


    3-point gluing for box sizes up to 110 cm and plasma system for reducing surface pressure and exceptional glue strength.

Our closed production cycle allows us to offer both great quality and competitive prices!

Make your package exceptional

Corrugated board boxes

When the boxes need extra strength we can offer different types of packaging procured from corrugated boards in various kinds and thicknesses.



Luxury paper bags

For branded products or company stationery we can manufacture luxury paper bags with your designs. They can have various overprint finishings and white or colored cotton handles.

We adapt every project to the specific product type


Your products are unique and so should be its packaging. With our wide range of overprint finishing capabilities you can add character and detail to your packaging – gloss or matte varnish, lamination, gold or silver hot foil, embossing.


When we do structural design of a new package we can offer thousands of options for the shape and closing mechanism. We adapt every project to the specific product type and cardboard used and we produce awhite dummy sample so that we are sure the box will be a perfect fit without any surprises.

  • Optimized structure
  • 3D animation
  • Material choice
  • Test
  • Real sample
  • Consistent quality
  • Up to 10 color print
  • Printing bulky cardboards
  • Overpint varnishing
  • Full or spot UV varnish, volume UV varnish
  • Laminate
  • Hot-foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Accubraille
  • Automatic die cutting
  • Folding and gluing with 3 points
  • Reliable production deadlines
  • Optimal transport palletising