In March 2012 Multiprint operated a brand New CTP- KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 QUANTUM V.

The machine is of the highest class. Its specifications are:

• speed - 30 offset plates / hour
• 450 lpi linear screen
• Resolution - 2400 dpi (94.4 dpmm) or 1200 dpi (47.2 dpmm)

With the KODAK SQUARESPOT technology, a higher resolution and a better stability of the image will be achieved. Improved specifications for higher productivity, enhanced security and usability, and faster file processing, turns the machine into a powerful tool for your convenience.

Simultaneously KODAK Prinergy Workflow System has been integrated, a powerful web-based workflow system with Kodak Insite for sharing of files for printing and / or exposure of a film or CTP plate. Insite system provides the customer with overall control on every stage of the process: from sending of the file in its processing to a printable state and electronic inposition.

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